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Palmira Guitar Cocktail

About The Artist

About The Artist: Palmira Guitar Cocktail - Logo Palmira Guitar Cocktail – this is the band, that specializes in jazz, smooth jazz, latin jazz, blues and classical guitar in a smooth way. With their style and a wonderful play on acoustic and electric guitars these musicians very often create a feeling of being somewhere far away in the south or in a very relaxing place. These guitars manage to create a comfortable and convenient ambience.

Enjoy great guitar tunes in a smooth and relaxed play and feel sort of in Spain, Portugal, Latin America, the Carribbean or the American South. Enjoy this music on a silent and calm Sunday afternoon and feel like in a cosy hotel in the countryside. Read a good book on the sofa or take a sunbath in the garden, while listening to the latest Palmira Guitar album. Turn your bathroom into a wellness area and spa. Have some Tapas & Spanish "vino tinto" in a perfect atmosphere, eat Creole cooking or sip fresh Caribbean cocktails accompanied and surrounded by PGC's pleasant guitar sound.

All releases are available in established download stores and on popular music streaming services.